Plan for the Future.

Go beyond an overpriced ledger. Mantle comes with several powerful visualizations out of the box to help you make better decisions.

Option plans, planned

Don’t just ‘set it and forget it’

Whether you’re scaling up or diversifying your talent pool, our tools simplify the complexity of decision-making. Visualize your team’s growth with a real-time burndown chart that you can drop into a Board package or share with your co-founders.

Model dilution

Negotiate with confidence

Mantle’s AI-powered pro forma calculator helps you understand your dilution in detail. Drop in a term sheet and get a detailed breakdown to model your Cap Table. No term sheet yet? Just type out the deal details to get an “as is” pro forma in seconds.

Diligence ready

Simplify your close

Real-time health checks ensure that you can step into a priced round at any time. Stop playing catch up on compliance days before close. Mantle keeps your Cap Table diligence ready so you’re ready to take on new investments smoothly.

"Really impressive tool you’re building, it’s so needed in the market."
"Kudos to your team, it’s a dream compared to the old method."
"I just issued some shares, and it was super straightforward and easy."

Revolutionize your Cap Table. Founder-friendly pricing.