Company ownership,
from the future

A next generation platform for modern founders, powered by AI.

Manage like a pro

Take control of your ownership with a next-generation platform that lets you track, issue, and manage ownership. Be your own expert and scale back on your professional fees.

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Get it done with your AI Co-pilot

Breeze through essential tasks, pull critical information, and visualize your ownership data instantly.

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Supercharge your workflow

Transform tasks such as issuing equity and stakeholder communications into remarkably simple, automated workflows. Get back to focusing on building your business in minutes, not hours.

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Make decisions, not mistakes

Handle everything from modeling hiring plans to assessing jargon-heavy term sheets without touching a spreadsheet. In-context advice is there when you need it, giving you clear insight to make decisions.

Up and to the right

Support at every stage, from your garage to a thriving public company. Seamless assistance throughout your journey.


Manage everything in one place with simple, straightforward tools augmented with AI

Model rounds, issue SAFEs, and track the whole process all in one place.
Cap Tables
Effortlessly track and organize your cap table, providing a transparent view of your company's ownership.
Planning and Forecasting
Powerful tools to model your hiring needs with visualizations that streamline your decision making.
Issue Equity
Create and manage multiple option plans and issue option grants with predictive workflows.
Automated Signing
Setup approvals and templates in a single click. Automatic reminders for outstanding actions to keep everything moving.
Data Rooms
No more scattered documents in inboxes and siloed information systems. All your documents in one place, found instantly when you need them.

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