Mantle for Law Firms

Boost your firm’s efficiency and set your clients up for success with Mantle.

Drive exceptional value in a fraction of the time.

Due Diligence
No more endless document chasing - streamline diligence with real-time updates and automated tie-outs.
Timeline View
Navigate cap table evolution with ease, jumping between major stages of growth or zooming into specific events.
Scenario Planning
Generate a pro forma in seconds using our Term Sheet Modeler to help model dilution in detail.
Unlimited Stakeholders
Collaborate seamlessly and invite unlimited stakeholders to Mantle, all at no extra cost.
100% OCF Compliance
Export your clients’ cap tables in the industry-standard OCX format, ensuring their data is transferable.
Law Firm Portfolio View
Manage your portfolio efficiently by viewing your entire client list in one place with real-time health check notifications.

Streamline due diligence

Quickly understand how the cap table got to where it is today, pinpointing critical events like stock secondary sales, conversions, and more.

Explore Timeline View

Model impact instantly

Mantle’s AI-powered pro forma calculator helps you and your clients understand your dilution in detail. Drop in a term sheet and get a detailed breakdown in seconds.

Compliance made easy

Set up approvals in one click, create dynamic templates, get documents signed in-platform, and receive automatic reminders for seamless progress.

Commitment to portability

In addition to being an active OCT Board Member, Mantle is 100% OCF Compliant. Download your clients’ cap tables in a single click or export in the industry-standard Open Cap Table Format (OCF).

More about OCT Coalition

Take your practice to the next level.

Boost your firm’s efficiency with Mantle.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Mantle cost?

Clients of Mantle law firm partners are offered one free year of Mantle. After the first 12 months,
they’ll lock in flat rate pricing of $100 per month for unlimited stakeholders.

For law firms purchasing Mantle for their own use, please contact our team.

What types of companies does Mantle support?

Mantle supports all registered C-corps in US or Canada (no LLCs at this time). We have companies that are freshly incorporated using our platform all the way up to companies with hundreds of employees.

How many stakeholders are included?

Healthy cap table management happens when all stakeholders are involved, communicate transparently, and can collaborate seamlessly. That’s why all Mantle plans include unlimited stakeholders so you can invite as many users as you’d like, all at no extra cost.

What is OCF compliance?

The Open Cap Table Coalition (OCT) is a collection of over 31 law firms, equity management providers, and other startup ecosystem players, aimed at improving the interoperability, transparency, and portability of startup cap table data.

In addition to being an active board member of the OCF, Mantle remains the only equity management provider to be 100% OCF-compliant. We offer Mantle users the ability to download their cap tables in Open Cap Table Format (OCF) directly from the platform in one click. This ensures you can export your cap table data in an industry-standard format.

Is Mantle SOC2 compliant?

Mantle complies with Service Organization Control Type 2 (SOC 2) standards and follows security guidelines established by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). We adhere to the best practices in managing and protecting your data.

You can read more about our security and compliance here.