Past. Present. Future.

Supercharge your Cap Table management with a modern purpose-built platform for Founders and Operators.

Streamlined Management

Real-time updates

Mantle records a complete event-based history of your entire Cap Table, ensuring real-time updates and automated tie outs.

Intuitive interface

Navigate your equity landscape with ease, jumping between major stages of growth or zooming into specific events or stakeholders.

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Scenario Planning

Scenario modelling

Generate a pro forma in seconds to understand the impact of a fundraise on your Cap Table instantly.

Instant impact

Assess the impact of in-flight drafts in one click and identify potential challenges and take proactive measures to secure your company’s equity structure.

Compliance and Reporting

Regulatory compliance

Seamlessly initiate Board Actions as you issue securities, avoiding costly errors during diligence.

Industry-standard reporting

Generate a comprehensive report using the Open Cap Table format (OCX).

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"Really impressive tool you’re building, it’s so needed in the market."
"Kudos to your team, it’s a dream compared to the old method."
"I just issued some shares, and it was super straightforward and easy."

Revolutionize your Cap Table. Founder-friendly pricing.